The Frankensteinian Future Of Cybernetic Cars

The title of this post is what my mind got out of this title:

The intersection of biology and transportation

No, the piece is not actually about organo-tech vehicles. It's actually about taking lessons from human blood flow and applying them to traffic engineering. (eyes cross -- they so missed on the title)

I liked the piece and wanted to post it to Hacker News, but HN is a tough crowd and they are very picky about titles. You need to not offend their sensibilities when titling a piece there. It can live or die based largely on the title.

On Hacker News, you have an 80 character limit for titles. Generally speaking, you are also supposed to use the original title. These two things sometimes clash. Additionally, they don't like "click bait".

When the title doesn't really work for Hacker News, a common practice is to grab something from a subtitle or a descriptive phrase from the content. I initially pulled these two pieces, both of which exceed 80 cha…

Inflammatory, Shit-Stirring Title About Racism

The title of this post is what my mind got out of this title:
Dozens of bodies exhumed in Texas likely those of black inmates forced to work on plantations

This is an article about the accidental discovery of a previously unmarked historical cemetery. It's an interesting article, but given the climate of the racism in the US, the fact that we still work prisoners on plantations, Blacks are incarcerated at a higher rate than Whites, our still existing corrupt prison-industrial complex system and the tendency for American police to kill Blacks at a shocking high rate, the current title is misleading in a very inflammatory way.

This is a sensitive topic, so I have chosen to not title this post with the impression the original title gave me, which was to the effect that they had found much more recent evidence of the wholesale horrifying mistreatment of Blacks. This cemetery dates to the late 1800s and the early 1900s. It's "old news." While still being horrifying, …

First World Charities Can't Stop Third World Kitchen Fires From Burning People To Death

The title of this post is what my mind got out of this title:
In developing world, an expensive push to reduce cooking fire deaths falls short

In reality, the article is about three things: The negative health effects of smoke inhalation due to cooking over open fire, which shortens lives in the developing world. Concerns that the practice of preparing meals using cook fires contributed to global warming and threatened the sustainability of forests. The fact that trying to solve the problem hasn't exactly gone swimmingly.
My suggestions:
Pricey "Clean" Stoves Campaign Falls Short of Health And Environmental Promises

Developing World "Clean" Cook Stove Campaign Meets With Array of Disappointments

In practice, biomass stoves fail to adequately mitigate health and environmental impacts of biomass cook fires in developing world

In Ironic Twist, "Clean" Cook Stove Campaign Moves To Fossil Fuels To Up Its Environmental Game

Cooking Fire Pollution And Environm…

Fifty 17-year old girls sent out creepy packages in bizarre multi-state conspiracy

The title of this post is what my mind got out of this title:
50 underage girls in four states mailed creepy packages at school, putting parents, FBI on alert

My impression on reading the title was that 50 different underaged girls had sent packages that were deemed both creepy and somehow not unrelated events, enough so that it put the FBI on alert. When you read the article, what actually happened is that 50 different girls received creepy packages, apparently all from the same guy.

That makes much more sense, but I would have never guessed that was what the title meant.

Additionally, to me underage suggests maybe 16 or 17 years old. It is the sort of thing that signifies jail bait a la "Ossifer, I swear, I thought she was 18!" (Ossifer = how drunk people say (police) officer in jokes.)

Although no ages were given in the piece, these girls received their packages at their elementary schools. They are likely no more than 12 years old.

The person doing the mailing is…